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Update Manager


Hiyas Julien...

Not sure where to file this bug....

the below explains the problem..
(04:13:44) hungtran: hello, anyone here has tried lubuntu with a 128MB RAM
(04:16:39) phillw: hungtran: yeah many have
(04:17:28) phillw: installing it off the normal cd will not work on such a
machine though.
(04:19:18) phillw: hungtran: you will need to use
(04:20:24) hungtran: phillw: oh thanks I know it, I just want to be sure
that we could run Lubuntu on machines like that
(04:21:47) phillw: hungtran:
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Intended%20Audience and the team are
resolute that it will remain the case.
(04:24:04) hungtran: phillw: in 10.10 update manager uses much memory, is it
safe if I remove it?
(04:24:24) phillw: yes, quite safe
(04:25:16) phillw: you can manually update if you want, but lubuntu does not
issue releases every two days like some do :)
(04:27:31) phillw: if you use the mini-iso it installs without auto-updates
turned on.
(04:28:06) hungtran: phillw: yeah, I don't think put update manager in
lubuntu is a good idea, my old laptop runs 10.10 a bit slower than 10.04,
but I think that because i'm familiar with terminal and linux, some new
Linux users could like update manager :)
(04:28:43) hungtran: phillw: yes, I use mini-iso but update manager is still
running and uses about 10MB RAM :(
(04:29:18) phillw: it's always a hard call to make; we want lubuntu to be
user friendly, but with that comes an overhead.
(04:30:15) phillw: you can remove it, and get that precious 10MB of RAM
(04:32:34) hungtran: phillw: do you know about translation process? lubuntu
team updates new translation or lxde team does? Vietnamese translation is
almost done now but I can't see it in 10.10
(04:32:41) phillw: Step 9 on
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationHelp/MinimalInstall says to
leave it off? Are you saying it is being turned back on ?
(04:33:26) hungtran: phillw: yes I always turn it off, it's like my habit
now :), I always update ubuntu and lubuntu in terminal
(04:34:00) phillw: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Translations has details
on translation projects.
(04:34:16) hungtran: phillw: i think it auto update is off but update
manager is on, it runs but I think I do nothing
(04:34:30) hungtran: <hungtran> phillw: i think it auto update is off but
update manager is on, it runs but I think it does nothing
(04:34:42) phillw: hungtran: I will file a bug for you.
(04:35:20) hungtran: phillw: oh thanks
(04:35:44) phillw: lubuntu should not be using up 10MB of your RAM for a
useless process.



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