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Report a Bug: Power Options and Bluetooth (Not really a bug persay)


First of all I am running Lubuntu 10.10 on a Dell Mini 910, which is
basically a 9" netbook. WiFi card b/g/n..30gb SSD HD..2GB of RAM.

The actual bug. Hitting the power button on my netbook does not bring up a
menu for choices to: Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Suspend, or Cancel. IT
does nothing. I asked in IRC was told to make sure Power Manager was checked
in Preferences>Desktop Sessions Options. I did so and upon rebooting it did
not fix the issue. Now its not game breaking.

Question about bluetooth. When I first installed Lubuntu I noticed I wasn't
getting a bluetooth icon..which was weird cause I was using it in Ubuntu
10.10. So....being new to this..I installed bluez and blueman. It made it
work but if you ever turn off BT in one session to save battery the icon can
not be brought back due to a dmz daemon not starting. TO get it back on I
would have to reboot and quickly look for an icon to pop up to right click.
If I was slow..another reboot and try was needed. I reformatted and after
asking around for awhile some one, I actually think this was in a different
IRC channel...told me to type this and see if I can see can see any devices
that can pair up. Well I did..this brought to my attention that bluetooth
works indead but the manager/icon on bar was not A) starting up or B) Did
not exist.

I hit alt+f2 and type in blue and see bunch of options pop up. I see
bluetooth-applet and I hit that..guess what appeared on my taskbar? Yep the
icon. Now to make it pop up on autostart I noticed that in the Desktop
Session under preferences had an unchecked bluetooth manager. Click
it...reboot and the icon appears. Also I can turn it off and on at will in
one session. Now this is not a bug but if there is a way during install or
something that it can be detected it would be nice. Cause bluetooth is on
even if you don't see an taskbar (thats if you have BT).