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Hi good people,

we always seek an understanding of what the ubuntu ethos is. We all have our
own way of putting it when trying to explain to others, but
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/hajour has summed it up in a short poem, which I'd
like to share with you all. As English is not her 1st language and a lot is
done via google translate it is not word perfect, but there is enough to
understand what hajour means. Hajour brings in a person who will help in
accessibility issues, in return I know we will have the patience and time to
help her.

I came in a community named Ubuntu.

Unsure if I was good enough to help with anything

Not really knowing where I ended up.

There came a blanket of warmth and cordiality to me.

caring,social and tolerancity.

I did not know what came over me

It was like i was coming home after a long journey

And warmly was received by family.

I personally, find that very touching as it is quite clearly from the heart.

Thank-you to all that have helped her to date and to all those who will do
so in the future,