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New stuff in Natty (and some in Backports)



I forgot to do a small review of what is new in Natty, visible for the
end-user, and specific to Lubuntu : 

Save configuration in an autostart desktop file, so the settings can be
kept. (LP: #621689). It means that you can now save the configuration
made by lxrandr. We still need a real application to configure display,
but in the meantime it should be enough.

New version available (0.5.0)
Add a tab for font configuration. (LP: #591426). You can now configure
font directly in lxappareance.

The plugin for lxappareance to configure openbox directly in

Add configuration for desktop number for the pager plugin. It will
launch obconf to configure the number of desktops when you right-click
on the workspace applet. It works also with compiz and its settings

New version available (0.9.8)
Fix fake transparency (LP: #566056). You should be able to set fake
transparency in lxpanel and lxterminal now.
Desktop icons are now movable (Closes: #535814) (LP: #644259).

All thoses changes are available in the backport PPA for LXDE. 

The others changes only apply to Natty : 

lubuntu-artwork :
New lubuntu-text theme for plymouth.
Update with elementary icon theme 2.6.

Switch to Ubuntu 11 font. The font is now the same that Ubuntu.

lubuntu-meta (the seed):
Added gecko-mediaplayer to desktop (to see video in chromium)
Added icedtea-plugin to desktop (for java support)
Added gvfs-backends to desktop (LP: #675212)
Added audacious to desktop
Added audacious-plugins to desktop
Added file-roller to desktop
Removed aqualung from desktop
Removed cheese from desktop
Removed xarchiver from desktop

Others new stuff are in progress ;)

Julien Lavergne

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