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F keys not working in LXterminal (10.10)


I have Lubuntu 10.10 installed on my laptop. When running ncurses apps inc htop and alsamixer the function keys (F1, F2 etc don't work as they should.For example, in htop F1 should be Help, F2 setup, F3 Search and F4 Invert. On my laptop F 1,2 and 3 do nothing and F4 launches setup which should be F2. F10 works fine to quit.

In alsamixer instead of just doing nothing the keys close the app and print different characters. ie F3 should display playback and F4 Capture. Instead when I press F3 it closes alsamixer and prints R at the prompt. F4 closes the app and prints S.

Anyone have anything similar or an idea of what is going on?

It doesn't happen on my desktop but that had ubuntu installed first and then lubuntu on top.


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