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Hiyas developers,

firstly I hope you have had a restful Christmas. This is only on the 'wish
list', but is it possible?

(21:11:01) ChrisDruif: Is there a way for dropbox to work with lubuntu?
Those other programs should work on LXDE...however, dropbox only works with
nautilus...and through a script on thunar

Hiyas Lubunteers,

Thanks, and my kindest regards to you and your families over the festive
period. I look forward to the New Year and watching Lubuntu evolve and
finally get its rightful place as a fully adopted member of the ubuntu
family. My warmest regards and thanks to every Lubuntuteer and those from
other teams that are kind enough to help out as I 'kidnap' our lubunteers to
help other other teams. Being a part of the family is what matters.




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