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Plan to have a new release for pcmanfm/libfm recently.


This month I got some time for coding and hacking.
So I started to fixed the bugs currently in our bug tracker.
I already fixed part of them and a new release is planned.
Now it should compile with either glib <= 2.26 or glib >= 2.27.
When glib >= 2.27 is used to compile libfm, the gio module won't be
built anymore.
Make sure that you have uninstalled old version first or the old gio
module can create problems.
Please help test the latest source code in git and report the problems
encountered. (if possible, with gdb backtrace included)
Some strings might be changed to fix usability issues during the
period, but I will try to change as few strings as possible.
The release date is not set since this new release should be approved
by our packagers/testers after proper testing and QA.


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