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Re: Lubuntu, energy efficiency and sustainable computing


Hi John:

1)  Other Lubuntu users like me.  Did the environment factor into your
> decision to start using Lubuntu?  Did you use it to bring an old machine
> back to life?

The reason i had to use this OS is that my machine was not working at all
with XP and since with a P3 & 256 ram there's not a lot of OS that runs
smoothly and are functional, i tried a lot of systems since i found it crazy
to change a healthy machine because of it's OS! One day i found Lubuntu,
tried it... and stayed with it since! For me, it has all the benefits of
Ubuntu but it's very simple, clean... and really fast. Later, I even
installed in a very old amd-k6 and runs nice.

2)  Some data indicating that Lubuntu is more energy efficient.  I've
> seen some claims along those lines, but does anyone have any proof that
> Lubuntu uses less electricity?

I could not tell you with scientific proofs, but with Lubuntu my battery
that has 10 years can work for more or less 1,6 hours (starting with the
battery as power source) and i find it incredible... even once it lasted two
hours, starting connected to AC power. With Ubuntu or XP is about 1 hour

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