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How to file a Ubuntu bug report (was: Re: Disk utility (palimpsest) bug )


Naveen and Leszek,

On 02/17/2011 04:28 AM, Leszek Lesner wrote:

> Am Donnerstag 17 Februar 2011, um 09:46:41 schrieb Naveen Agrawal:

>> Loong Jin

>>> Please file a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/palimpsest.

>> The link provided  by you is incorrect. Please check it.

> I think this should be the correct link: 
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-disk-utility/

How to file bug reports in Ubuntu is documented at:


Basically you (usually) run

  ubuntu-bug PACKAGENAME

where PACKAGENAME is the name of the package containing the software
with the bug in it.

In this case, the program with the bug in it was (apparently)
palimpsest, so you can check what package palimpsest is in by doing:

  dpkg -S $(type -p palimpsest)

which outputs:

  gnome-disk-utility: /usr/bin/palimpsest

So, the package concerned is gnome-disk-utility.

Therefore, the way to report a bug against palimpsest is to type the two

  ubuntu-bug gnome-disk-utility

and then do what it says.

Please be sure to provide full information in your report about exactly
what version and flavour of Ubuntu you are using, and also describe in
detail the specific steps needed to reproduce the bug.