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Re: Default launchers on panel


2011/2/26 Yorvyk <yorvik.ubunto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I've installed Lubuntu for a couple of novice users recently and. among
> numerous other questions, one that was asked, and has been asked by windows
> users as well, is what use is 'minimise all windows '.  I have no idea as I
> always remove it.  This brought me to the question of what launchers should
> be there.  The most common ones that people place on the panel are web
> browser and mail client, this appears true for any OS that uses a similar
> system.  The next most popular one is a file manager then word processor.
>  After showing a few people the Directory Menu they seem to prefer it to
> going direct to PCManFM, I know I do.  So my suggestion is, we have
> Directory Menu, Chromium and Sylpheed as the default launchers on the panel.
> --
> Steve Cook (Yorvyk)

I'm agree with Yorvik in most cases, but instead of removing the "minimize
all windows" button, improve it: minimize AND resize all windows, just like
in XP and Ubuntu.