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Audio players



I have just tested some audio players in my Lubuntu Maverick and I want to
share my experience with you. First of all, my testing machine was Asus EEE
PC 1015 pn. It has Atom N550 inside and 2 GB of memory.
Firstly, I have installed deadbeef. I don't know whether it is a bug or not
but after playing from one to three songs it stops playing at all. So this
player was removed.
Then I have read about audacious in this mail's list. I have installed it
and it looked very nice, but used ~28% of my CPU. This was too big for me,
so this player was also removed.
Then I have found decibel audio player. This one used ~18% of my CPU and had
very simple, but nice interface.
I have also tried pogo audio player. It used ~16% of my CPU.
So, now about two winners in this small compettion in my opinion. First of
them is pragha. It is very fast, has simple but nice interface, is coded in
C++ and uses ~14% of my CPU. And the second is alsaplayer. It has nice
interface, equalizer and some available plugins that can imitate winamp
style. It uses ~12% of my CPU. So I think that this is the best one for me.

P.S. All of these players use nearly the same amount of memory.
P.P.S. All digits were taken from htop utility.

Best regards,
Mike Nokel