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Re: Audio players - some thoughts & RFC


2011/2/27 Yorvyk <yorvik.ubunto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Basically this would involve everybody using the same music to carry out
> the measurements and also reporting the hardware used.

Couldn't be more agree with you: a standard test to make the decision would
be perfect to take a decision (and for everything should be this way)
Yorvyk, let me know if you need a hand since i'm very interested on this.
The decision about the files to play will be a funny thing i guess :)
Also, i think that a huge load of files (10.000+) it's an excessive task for
the machines that Lubuntu is made for... but not something unfeasible :)

So, first propositions:
- Check App dependencies
- Check Kb used by the packages
- It must be in the repos
- Results should be taken from HTOP
- CPU + RAM must be verified before, during and after the test
- Tests must be made with the same files: an assortment of extensions &

This said, wich will be the version of Audacious in 11.04??


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