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Re: Audio players - some thoughts & RFC


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On 02/27/2011 03:56 AM, Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset wrote:

> - Check App dependencies
> - Check Kb used by the packages
> - It must be in the repos
> - Results should be taken from HTOP
> - CPU + RAM must be verified before, during and after the test
> - Tests must be made with the same files: an assortment of extensions &
> bitrates

If you want valid repeatable benchmarks, then in my view they would need
to be scripted, so they can be automated, not based on "run htop and
look at stuff"!  This is especially important if you want to benchmark
CPU and RAM usage for playing 10000 files per player per test machine.
I think you will find that no-one will have the patience to watch htop
and manually write down (or type into a spreadsheet or database app)
what htop displays 10000 times :) :)

I think this whole idea is overkill and "bike-shedding"; which audio
player is default is clearly *not* the most pressing issue for Lubuntu.
 However, if you are going to do benchmarking for this, please do it
well, please make the benchmarks open and repeatable, and please design
the benchmarks in a way that does not require large amounts of human
operator time to run them.

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