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Re: Audio players - some thoughts & RFC


Le dimanche 27 février 2011 à 11:00 +0000, Yorvyk a écrit :
> Which audio player to use must  be about as controversial as which OS.
> While I believe they should be 'heard and not seen', others require
> them to run their computer.
>  Benchmarks alone are not going to find the best solution but can
> narrow the field down.  As Lubuntu is intended as a low resource OS,
> we need to find players that use as little CPU/RAM as possible while
> still retaining reasonable functionality.
>  Some of us have, in the past, run various inconclusive tests.  Before
> Oscillating Ocelot, or what ever the release after Natty Narwhal is to
> be called, we develop a standard benchmark for everybody to use.
> Basically this would involve everybody using the same music to carry
> out the measurements and also reporting the hardware used.
>  In the tests myself, and others, have carried out it has become
> apparent that some players cope better in low memory environments than
> others.  Depending on the source and codecs used some players use far
> more resources than others.  While one may be very frugal with mp3
> it's resource use can rocket with ogg, and vice-versa.  Some players
> cope very well with about a dozen albums but struggle when they have
> to cope with 10,000 tracks.
>  So what we need is a standard set of tracks, in different formats and
> bit rates, for everybody to test with and a standardised set of tests
> and measurements so as to give a consistent set of results across
> different hardware. 

Just a quick note, I'll *NOT* discuss again and again about the music
player. The choice was done for 11.04, and I don't attempt to change
this choice for futur version. This is really a waste of time.

We will be able to discuss this for the 11.10, during the usual
schedule. Outside this, don't expect any answer from me, or any changes
for the choice.

Julien Lavergne

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