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Re: Adding yelp - working help for Gnumeric


Le lundi 28 février 2011 à 12:36 -0800, Jonathan Marsden a écrit :
> Currently, yelp is missing from Lubuntu by default, which means
> help in gnumeric does not work, even though gnumeric-doc is installed.
> Do we have to add yelp (and its dependencies)?  Or is there a better
> way?  Bug #725292 (from Yorvyk) relates to this, and charlie-tca and I
> have been discussing it a bit in IRC.  To me, working help in a major
> app like Gnumeric seems higher priority for Lubuntu than little extras
> like gucharmap...
> Is there some other (user-friendly) way to read the help
> files provided by gnumeric-doc, instead of yelp? 

As far as I understand the bug report, we only need to upload the change
for gnumeric to depends on yelp, instead of Recommends. gnumeric-doc is
already part of lubuntu-desktop, so the fix will affect directly Lubuntu
installation. As gnumeric is in universe, we need someone to make the
change, and I can sponsor it if it's needed.

Julien Lavergne

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