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lubuntu-desktop metapackage - Recommends vs Dependencies


Hi Guys,

I've been following lubuntu for a while now, and i'm thinking of
switching to it for my netbook's distro. I'm also interested in using it
on low-end systems that i will donate to people.

There's one thing bugging me though. On ubuntu-desktop, i can remove
firefox, the openjdk (replace with Sun JDK), brasero etc, and the
ubuntu-desktop package stays installed, as these are only Recommends not
Dependencies. The idea here (correct me if i'm wrong?) seems to be that
core desktop functionality is separate from the bundled applications -
and users are free to swap these for alternatives.

The thing is, lubuntu-desktop seems to have ALL of it's dependencies
listed as 'Dependencies', not 'Recommends'. I want to remove xfburn
(useless on a netbook), swap openjdk / icedtea for 'sun' jdk, possibly
junk the card games, remove Chromium if i swap to Firefox (or
proprietary Chrome), and get rid of Gnome office if i go for Libre
Office (which my Netbook can handle ok).

But attempting to do any of this removes the lubuntu-desktop package.
The system still works, but this 'feels' wrong - i honestly don't know
whether the removal of the package would affect a distro upgrade.
Forcing the user to keep all these default applications also would seem
to go against the idea of lubuntu as 'lightweight', at least in terms of
disk space.

I'm not complaining about the package selections themselves, they do
seem sensible for low end machines, just about being forced to keep them
if my machine can handle alternatives that suit me better, or if i
wanted to remove them on a machine with a very small disk.

Could whoever builds lubuntu-desktop please list only the packages
required for the Desktop (X / lxde / gvfs etc?) as dependencies and set
the rest to recommends please?

I'm sorry if i'm reporting this in an inappropriate way - i'm not sure
whether it's a bug or feature request - or even how to report such a
thing on Launchpad. I do have a few more suggestions to make - based on
how i've been using lubuntu so far, but i'm not sure where to submit
these either - guessing Brainstorm isn't appropriate for lubuntu at this

Anyway guys thanks for putting together a good distro - i just tried
Natty Alpha 3 and it's looking good :)

Richard Foulkes
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