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Re: lubuntu-desktop metapackage - Recommends vs Dependencies


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On 03/05/2011 01:19 AM, Richard Foulkes wrote:

> The thing is, lubuntu-desktop seems to have ALL of it's dependencies 
> listed as 'Dependencies', not 'Recommends'. ...

It is 100% safe to allow the lubuntu-desktop package to be removed from
your machine.  It's only real function, like the other -desktop
packages, is to "point to" a set of packages and so make it simple to
install them all together, as a set.

> But attempting to do any of this removes the lubuntu-desktop
> package. The system still works, but this 'feels' wrong - i honestly
> don't know whether the removal of the package would affect a distro
> upgrade.

It should make no difference at all.  It is just a meta-package.  It has
no content.

> Forcing the user to keep all these default applications also would
> seem to go against the idea of lubuntu as 'lightweight', at least in
> terms of disk space.

No-one is forcing the user to keep anything around that they want to
remove, here.  Tweak your package selection to your heart's content :)

> I'm not complaining about the package selections themselves, they do 
> seem sensible for low end machines, just about being forced to keep
> them

Again, no-one is being forced to do that -- it is OK (safe) to allow
lubuntu-desktop itself to be uninstalled :)

Your suggestion is not necessarily bad, but (unless Julien feels
otherwise) I'm not sure we would want to make that change this far into
the Natty release cycle.

This list is a reasonable place to discuss ideas and suggestions for
Lubuntu at the moment.  Actual bugs can (and should) be reported on
Launchpad, as usual.

> Anyway guys thanks for putting together a good distro - i just tried 
> Natty Alpha 3 and it's looking good :)

Thanks for the feedback, and welcome to the Lubuntu community!  Do
please help us by reporting any bugs or problems you find in the Alpha 3
release -- the more people test it, the better the next release can become.

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