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Re: Alpha 3 Update Manager / Apt - defaults settings


On 03/06/2011 06:18 AM, Yorvyk wrote:

>> The lack of the signing key for the PPA is, howevr, a problem with
>> all 3 installs I've done.

> I was supposed to be asking if the Lubuntu-Desktop PPA should be
> installed by default or are do we now have everything in the Ubuntu
> Repos.

I (consciously) created the ISO without any PPA-related entries in
sources.list, so as far as I can tell, we have everything in the Ubuntu
repos -- if you find something missing from the Alpha 3 CD, *please* let
me know what it is!

As Lubuntu moves (slowly!) towards full official acceptance into the
Ubuntu family, it is vital that we doing things in "the Ubuntu way" and
to Ubuntu standards as much as we possibly can.  Other Ubuntu flavours
do not use PPAs by default, and Lubuntu should not do that either.

We *do* currently have lubuntu-meta (and so lubuntu-desktop) in the
*wrong* repo, it should be in universe not multiverse, but that is a
separate issue, see Launchpad bug #675169 for that.  I would strongly
prefer that we can build ISOs without multiverse being enabled, before
we release the real 11.04 version, since Lubuntu is supposed to be 100%
free software.


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