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Update installer slideshow



We are in the process to update the slides for the installer (the
presentation of Lubuntu when you install it).

One of the goal is to switch to the same layout that the Ubuntu one,
with the arrows to navigate between the slides.

The code (still a work in progress, not need to report the artwork
doesn't match yet :)) is available here :

If you want to test the result, you can do the following :
- download the branch : bzr branch
lp:~gilir/ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu/lp-729197 slideshow
- cd slideshow
- Run the test : ./test-slideshow.sh
- Select lubuntu

If you think we should had more informations for people who install
Lubuntu, It's time :)
We have also the possibility to add screenshots. If you have nice ones
to propose, just send them all :)

Julien Lavergne