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Re: Ask yourself...


The problem with the 'do everything for everybody' approach is ending up like xubuntu ie take a lightweight de and add all the bloat from ubuntu to end up with something that is just as heavy.

Surely if people want the simple do everything out of the box approach they can just use ubuntu.

On Fri, 25 Feb 2011 14:10:12 -0000, Tim Bernhard <ohiomoto@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

What should Lubuntu do?

I realize that being lightweight is a major focus for Lubuntu and I agree
100%.  But keep in mind that the average user will have expectations for
their OS and that not everyone will use it only on older hardware (Lubuntu
is too nice not to use it on modern hardware!)

My main point is that Lubuntu should be for "everyone" and not just us
"tweakers and geekers".  I want to be able to install it on anyone's
computer and not have to worry about what it won't do for them.

So my question is what dose the average user expect their OS to do "out of
the box"?  Pretend you are putting it on someone's  machine.  Maybe your
mother, or the neighbor who has never used anything other than Windows.
What will they expect?

Here's my list:
- be efficient (most overlooked by most OS)
- handle music, video and Internet
- find anything on my local network
- download and open files properly
- let me use it with external monitors/TV as a basic media player (HDMI out)
- have basic office apps (even though I don't use them)
- allow basic personalization (LXDE's lack of menu editor is a bummer, but I
don't fault anyone for that.)

Lubuntu has come pretty close to meeting my expectations. I've had to tweak a little bit and I might still be missing a few things here and there, but overall, I love it. The one area it blows everything else away is with it's efficiency. It seems like that's the most overlooked item in all the other
Ubuntu variants I've used.


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