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Re: It sort of looks like Unity


On Sat, 12 Mar 2011 06:09:54 +0000
Glenn de Groot <glenn_de_groot@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Pretty cool. :)Could you try removing the launchers in the top pannel and make the "unity dock" slightly larger? :PNow we need to make it default on 11.10 :DJust kidding.
> -Glenn
> > Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 21:48:14 +0000
> > From: yorvik.ubunto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > To: lubuntu-desktop@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Subject: [Lubuntu-desktop] It sort of looks like Unity
> > 
> > Some more messing about with themes and things http://imagebin.org/142453 inspired by Unity.
> > 
I've been showing Lubuntu to a few people, generally older people with hand-me-down computers who are quite happy with it.  One of the comments from the younger people though, is that it looks a bit old fashioned or plain/boring.  So I just wanted to demonstrate how customisable it is.  	I will, when time allows, document this. 	   		  

Steve Cook (Yorvyk)


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