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amd64 build of Lubuntu.


Hey guys,

I had some free time today so I went ahead and spun up an amd64 Lubuntu
11.04 build. The package list is identical to the i386 save one xorg package
that isn't available in the 64 bit architecture. I just finished installing
it on my test box and everything seems to be working identically to the i386
as best as I can tell. The only things that are beyond my capacity to test
are the usb-creator.exe and wubi.exe applications as I don't have a Windows
system anywhere and I'm unfamiliar with what (if any) changes need to be
made there. Currently the .exe files that are on the .iso are the same ones
used in the amd64 Xubuntu build.

I need to find a way to get this distributed amongst the Lubuntu testers and
developers. I can stick this up on the Peppermint server probably tomorrow
sometime or I can throw it in my Dropbox and share it with a couple of
people (gotta be careful not to max out my available bandwidth though). When
I figure out how to get this to you guys, it's my hope that you'll take it
and make it available to everyone who's been wanting a 64 bit Lubuntu for
all this time. I figured it would be a small thanks to you guys for putting
together such an excellent distro. Currently I use Lubuntu as the base for
Peppermint OS and for some of the Linux Mint editions I build.

Just let me know how best to get this to you guys and I'll start uploading.
If there are any "mission critical" changes that need to be made, I can
probably step back in and take care of them if necessary. Again, just wanted
to say thanks.

Kendall Weaver
CTO, Peppermint LLC

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