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Proposal to use Claws Mail as default Email Client instead of Slypheed


Claws Mail (http://www.claws-mail.org/ formerly Sylpheed-Claws) started as the bleeding-edge
version of Sylpheed, in order to act as a testbed for new features for
Sylpheed. Claws Mail then evolved into the stable extended version of
Sylpheed, and is now an entity in its own right, mainly due to
different goals and the fact that syncing both codebases doesn't happen

Claws Mail has many extra features compared to Sylpheed and is more
powerful, yet is just as fast, lightweight and stable.


Similar resource usage as Slypheed
Extendable with a number of 1st and 3rd party plugins available now
(Slypheed is also begining to develop support for plugins but Claws has
mature support with plugins available now!)
Plugins available with support for Calendar functions and syncing with
webcal servers like google calendar (May be able to provide
functionality that could allow removal of Osmo)


Follow ups