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Re: IRC Client


On 05/28/2011 06:47 PM, Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset wrote:

> IMHO having two programs that one fit in the other is a waste of
> space in the CD and effort for the Lubuntu devs.

It's definitely extra effort for one of the Lubuntu devs if I have to
learn to use Pidgin, after years of using xchat :)

Since xchat is not maintained by the Lubuntu devs, but by its own
developers, I am not sure why leaving it in the Lubuntu seed list is
*more* effort for the Lubuntu devs than taking it out -- can you please

> Pidgin can handle what xchat does...

Really?  Plugins for scripting in Tcl, Perl, Python all exist for Pidgin
now, do they?  Is the plugin API compatible with the xchat plugin API?
Or do we need to rewrite or find replacements for any and all plugins we
have written or gathered over the years?

I'll deal with it if someone feels there is a good reason for removing
xchat.  But IMO the expected developer cost to leave it alone is low :)

That leaves disk space.  In this thread, I already asked what we are
expecting to add to Lubuntu 11.10 Oneiric that *needs* the disk space
xchat currently occupies... has anyone answered that?


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