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Directory tree is now available in PCManFM!


Everybody loves screenshot!


Directory tree in side pane was a feature in PCManFM 0.5 series, but
it’s not yet implemented in the latest rewrite. Yesterday, I finished
the rewrite for directory tree and added it to PCManFM. This new
feature is now availble in git repository. I also added a drop-down
menu to side pane to swtich between different kind of side panes.
Currently there are only “Places” and “Directory Tree”. Later I plan
to add more modes.

I also reworked the tabbed browsing part yesterday. Due to the
limitations of GTK+, I did some dirty hacks for it to reduce resource
usage. This comes at the price of less readable source code, though.
After the tab-browsing rework, I fixed an old bug causing incorrect
and outdated info shown in status bar so now the info in status bar is
up-to-date most of the times.  Later, I’ll try to add a “Reload”
button so remote filesystems without notifications on changes can be
refreshed manually.

To test the latest features, grab the source code from git.

You have to install libfm first:
This is the supporting library required by PCManFM.

Then install pcmanfm. Notice that the new feature is in "tab-rework"
branch, not in "master"

If you don’t know how to compile libfm/pcmanfm from source code, read this:


Now, it’s time to fix the remaining bugs in the bug tracker and keep
heading for 1.0 release.

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