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X session crash when changing desktop background



There doesn't seem to be a link to report bugs at
https://bugs.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop so I'm posting this here.

The X session crashes if you try to change the desktop background to the
background colour. This happens for me both after booting a Lubuntu 11.04
CD on an old Celeron 2.5GHz PC, and in a VirtualBox VM on a more modern
machine after installing Lubuntu.

To reproduce the problem:
 - Boot system
 - Right-click over the desktop. Select Desktop Preferences.
 - Change Wallpaper mode to "Fill with background colour only".
 - The X session crashes/exits, dumping you back at the login screen.
After logging in again, the desktop background is unchanged (remaining an
image, not the background colour).

-- Mark

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