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The need to improve Lubuntu bug filing


First a brief intro. I'm Erick Brunzell at Launchpad, Lance at iso-testing (in which I've participated for over 3 years), and "kansasnoob" at Ubuntu forums.

I'm quite glad to see that Lubuntu will soon become an official member of the Ubuntu family. I particularly look forward to the day that Lubuntu's images are included in Ubuntu's iso-testing.

Anyway I obtained the Lubuntu Oneiric Alpha1 image here:


And naturally I encountered a few minor bugs. To expect any less this early in a dev cycle is insane, but I still felt they should be reported. The specific bugs are:

1) The Lubuntu Alpha1 Live CD boots to a tty, so you have to type startx to get the DE.

2) The default DE lacks restart or shutdown buttons.

3) Upon completing the installation I was asked whether to restart or keep 
using the Live DE as usual. I chose to restart and 
the CD ejected as expected but the screen was just blank. So I removed the CD, closed the tray and hit enter, but nothing 
happened. I tried some common key combos but finally had to use the 
reset button on my box to complete the restart.

Of course none of these are serious or unexpected this early in a dev cycle, but I wanted to get my feet wet checking out bug filing against Lubuntu anyway, and I'm a bit puzzled.

I'm used to iso-testing pure Ubuntu so all of the above bugs would be filed against 'casper' but I know these bugs were not present when I tested Ubuntu so I thought I should possibly file them against the meta-package 'lubuntu-desktop' but that's a no-go.

I'm just wondering if the meta-package 'lubuntu-desktop' should be added to launchpad as a bug filing option?

I'm very impressed with the Lubuntu project and I hope my iso-testing skills may be helpful at some point, but I have no development skills. I'm just a tester.

Apologies in advance if I was wrong posting in this manner.



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