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LXDE shutown dependency/permissions?


Greetings folks,

Although I am running a minimal install of Ubuntu 11.04 with LXDE, I
hope someone may help.

Normally running Debian I add user to powerdev group for "shutdown" and
"restart" options to appear in the shutdown menu.  This group however
does not exist.  I'm not sure if I am missing a dependency, or if a
different group or modification will give my user these options.

I must add the even logging to LXDE using 'startx' with user 'root',
these options are not displayed.  Only 'Logout' and 'Cancel' are
displayed on the shutdown menu.

The reason I did not install Lubuntu right off, is due to 512MB hard
drive space on my WebDT366 LX800.  A larger drive will be near what I
paid for the device ~ $80 US.

Thanks for taking the time,