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Re: The procedure for transforming Ubuntu into Lubuntu


On 06/06/2011 11:49 AM, Jason Hsu wrote:

> Given the similarities in our distros (targeting the lower part of
> the Linux market and being based on existing distros), I figure that
> much of what works for Lubuntu will work for Swift Linux.

I wouldn't be very confident of that; we use the Ubuntu repositories,
and antix is rather unlikely to do so :)

> What is the procedure for creating the latest version of Lubuntu?
> I'd like to go through your process from start to finish.

We don't "transform Ubuntu into Lubuntu"; instead, we build an Lubuntu
ISO from  our chosen set of packages that are in the Ubuntu repositories.

You chose an "interesting" time to ask about this!  As of right now,
today, the Lubuntu ISO build script is at


Please note that this is (I really really hope!) about to become
*totally* obsolete, because Lubuntu is "becoming official" and so
migrating to use Canonical/Ubuntu ISO build infrastructure and tools.
We expect and hope our next Alpha2 release, due on 07 July 2011, will
use the new (well, new to Lubuntu!) build tools, not our old script.

There is work "almost" underway by Michael Casadevall to document those
tools, see


This documentation work is currently waiting for a significant internal
change in the tools (!) from using livecd-rootfs to using live-helper,
which will be completed in the next few days.  See


for that specification, with some of the gory details a little more
visible at


To be honest, if you are creating an antix based distribution, I'd
suggest using whatever ISO build tools antix uses, rather than anything
else.  Just as Lubuntu, being (now, at last!) part of the Ubuntu family,
will use the same tools that the other Ubuntu flavours use.

Hoping this helps,