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Re: LXDM or Lightdm ?


Le Wednesday 08 June 2011 à 23:26 +0100, Yorvyk a écrit :
> I've been running Ubuntu Oneiric with lightdm for a while and it
> appears to behave it's self OK.   
> Having had a bit of a read about it I don't see an advantage in
> either, from a user's point of view, and I'm a bit lost with the
> technical (dis)advantages. 
> A few thoughts.  With the change to GTK3 and the potential problems to
> be resolved with that, are we adding another headache for the few
> competent devs we have.
> Or would having Lightdm give us one less problem, as others in the
> Ubuntu community would be dealing with it and we wouldn't have to
> worry about lxdm either.
> Would sticking with what we know be better as lxdm doesn't have any
> real problems and performs the function for which it is intended. 

In the past, we discovered some bugs in LXDM which was quite painful to
investigate and fix. With a DM used by more people, and more developed,
we decrease this kind of risk.

Julien Lavergne