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Re: Lubuntu 11.10 Experience


Well, here's my apreciation:

the performance has taken a significant hit.
My old laptop (PIII with 256MB Ram) was suffering with the ram consumtion in
11.04 (starting the system hits the 120MB of Ram). So, i've installed 11.10
and oh surprise! with pidgin and xpad running the consumption is less than
80MB of Ram!!  (74 to be exact). Opening Chromium and the Ram is in 115 -
less than 11.04 running alone.

 IMO, 11.10 boots slower
Can't agree, since the boot for me is incredibly fast (less than 30
seconds). But i've read that 11.10 in general boots slower than previous
releases, so it's not a lubuntu-only problem.

seems to lag on any screen click
Maybe you should try to change the theme :)
I'm very sorry to tell, but there's something with the theme in this release
too, that makes the "flying over menus" a little hard. I've switch to
clearlooks and gained a little of speed. The perfect example is to use
mtpaint with the default theme... it's quite a pain.

Takes longer to launch applications
Can't see any real difference there.

I must agree with Rob that the whole system seems to be slow (i'm comparing
it to 10.04 that on "my old laptop" was fast as the lightning) , even if the
Ram consumption has became less than ever. But i'm testing it on a more than
10 years old piece of hardware!

But hey Rob, just try the other flavors of ubuntu... Ubuntu barelly runs on
my other machines (lots newer than my old laptop).
So I'm guessing that Lubuntu gets his job done: it's the fastest *buntu in
the market :)