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Lubuntu 11.10 Experience



I know you guys have a lot of release-ciritical issues to deal with. However, I would like to pass on to you my recent experience with the 11.10 release.

Initially, I installed 11.04 Lubuntu on my Gateway netbook and was very surprised and delighted with the experience. It was very fast, clean, professional, and functional. I installed the Cairo dock and was very happy.

Then I upgraded the netbook to 11.10 and it all changed.

First of all, the Cairo dock has a bug (fails to detect that xcompmgr is running) so I can't use it (not your problem I know).

Second, the performance has taken a significant hit. IMO, 11.10 boots slower, and seems to lag on any screen click. Takes longer to launch applications, etc. Thinking it was an upgrade issue I did a clean install and experienced the same behavior. Also, as a minor point and I know this is really subjective and can be changed, but 11.04 had a better color for its default theme, blue top with white letters. It was really classy.

So, I have gone back to 11.04 on my netbook and now run Lubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 in Virtualbox to do testing. Even in that environment I can notice the difference in performance between the two releases.

I understand that you guys do packaging and that the basic Ubuntu release is out of your hands.

2 cents.

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