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Possible pcmanfm bug


I'm pretty busy at the moment, but I did give 11.10 a quick run through
yesterday, I found a bug that might be pcmanfm related.
The bug in questions can be reproduced like this:

1) Open a compressed file/folder (.zip / .rar) with fileroller.
2) Extract the contents by drag & drop in to a folder.

This is where I get an error (did not write it up, please try to reproduce)
and get some kind of weird freeze.
The mouse pointer can be moved, and I could also change keyboard layout
through a self made keyboard shortcut.
However, none of my actions are registered and clicking things just didn't
do anything nor did other keyboard binds work.

I did not find anything on Launchpad (did a quick search) regarding the
following bug, so if needed, could someone create a report?