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Netbook Mode Broken in 11.10? and Where is LightDM?


Hi, all,

I just upgraded my netbook to lubuntu 11.10 and I found I can not log
in in lubuntu Netbook mode. Is it broken or did I miss something?

Originally, I intended to upgrade from 11.04 with mounted alternate cd
iso. I encountered an error of something like "flash downloader
failed" and the upgrade process terminated abruptly. When I rebooted
the PC afterwards, I saw new 11.10 splash screen but I was not able to
log in. At that time, I thought I had broken something because of the
unsuccessful upgrade. Therefore, I installed the new release again to
the original partition with a USB disk. The installation went smoothly
and when I tried to log in, I found that I was able to log in in LXDE
or lubuntu mode, but not lubuntu Netbook mode. I was wondering whether
it is broken in this release or there is something wrong because of my
previous upgrade failure?

Another question is I thought this release will use LightDM instead of
LXDM, but I still see LXDM and it seems LightDM is not installed at
all. Did I miss something? I'm looking forward to switching to LightDM
as I want to keep more than 1 user logged in in the netbook
simultaneously and LXDM does not let me do so.

Thanks in advance for any comment.

WANG, Xiaoyun
Shanghai, China

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