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Re: Netbook Mode Broken in 11.10? and Where is LightDM?


Le 10/16/2011 03:38 PM, WANG, Xiaoyun a écrit :
> I just upgraded my netbook to lubuntu 11.10 and I found I can not log
> in in lubuntu Netbook mode. Is it broken or did I miss something?
No, it's currently broken, see
If you want a quick workaround :
sudo cp /usr/share/xsessions/Lubuntu-Netbook.desktop
gksu leafpad /usr/share/xsessions/Lubuntu-Netbook2.desktop
Remove the space in Name: (Lubuntu Netbook by LubuntuNetbook).
Reboot, and start LubuntuNetbook session instead of Lubuntu Netbook

It should work until we have a real fix.

> Another question is I thought this release will use LightDM instead of
> LXDM, but I still see LXDM and it seems LightDM is not installed at
> all. Did I miss something? I'm looking forward to switching to LightDM
> as I want to keep more than 1 user logged in in the netbook
> simultaneously and LXDM does not let me do so.
We keep lxdm by default, but you can still install lightdm, and set it
by default.

Julien Lavergne

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