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Calling for a Team-Work :)


Hi everyone,

A friend and a mentor to me has advised me many times now to slow down and
take care but ... Linux is the cure for my issues so ... enough drama, let's
rock :)
One last email and I'm off. I did watch a movie for a change today though :P

Guys and girls, long story short. I was and still very active on Ubuntu
Forum. Now, Lubuntu became Official (YES!) and I'm sure more new threads
whether on Ubuntu Forum OR LXDE Forum (where I'm a moderator there) will be
created. I'm very much able to handle all that but I do confess and admit
that I don't know anything yet. My request is simple.

I need some people who already have an account on Ubuntu Forum to team up
with me. I'm planning for something. I'll hold it for now. I need to know
who is IN. I don't mind to be alone on this but you guys are my family and I
hate to do things alone, I do love team work. I told that to 4 new friends
on IRC recently.

I'm on Google, and you have other links on my signature. Whatever way you
want to use to contact me, just do it.

I'll be waiting for your reply for a week. Take your time :)

Why is all that? it's because the more support users will find, the better
and the faster to fix any issue.

I love you all ... you simply ROCK!

OK OK, I'm leaving  ... :D

Best Regards,

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