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SDL games not playing sound?


Hi everyone,

I've got Lubuntu 10.10 running on my netbook (AOA110), and i'm really
liking it, how quick it is to boot etc.

However, two games, which use SDL audio, are silent. I've installed
libsdl-mixer1.2 and libsdl-sound1.2, but still no luck.

The games in question are Unreal Tournament, and Serious Sam (both of
which came from icculus.org). The latter gives me

" SDL_OpenAudio() : no available audio device "

When I try and configure audio within the game.

I believe this could be related to the fact lubuntu lacks pulseaudio (a
reason i like it!) - would it be worth examining the changes to the SDL
packages that occurred when ubuntu-desktop had pulseaudio integrated
(karmic i think?), and trying to work out the config file I would need
to change? I've looked all over the SDL wiki, but can't find out where
audio devices are configured.

It would be a shame if the SDL packages had to be forked just for
lubuntu, surely there's a solution that would be less drastic.

I don't actually know how to file a bug report, hence i've sent this
email. Happy to provide any information from my system that is relevant.

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