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Re: Calling for a Team-Work :)


Hello my friend and mentor and hope you don't mind to have a young crazy
brother :P

I think I should have been clear from beginning so there you go :)
I'm NOT planning to CHANGE any current scheme or system whatsoever. Why?
because, as you wrote, Roma wasn't built in one day. I just want to "focus"
on something that will give us another plus. Users are sometime complaining
why there is no sub-forum for lubuntu? why the support is so slow? etc etc.
You know these stuff, I'm sure :)
It's not that I want to prove to them how good we are; our actions speak
louder than our words but I just want our team, Lubuntu Team (family) to be
very much capable in everything and one thing specific: being fast. I know
what you'll say about that :D

I have no huge plan, it's a basic one. I'm currently working on:

and of course http://ubuntuforums.org

I have made some friends over Ubuntu Forum (I'm so fast in that by the way
:P) and I have asked them to team up with me and they agreed but as you
know, life issues could make everyone busy and away from Linux and I totally
understand that.
Having that said, I thought to find more people to pop up more on the above
4 websites/pages and support the users. That is preciously why I have
requested to be an admin on Lubuntu and LXDE FB Pages because for me, as a
user, I'd love to see someone from the team is interacting and posting, etc.
That will add more confident to them.

I already started some topics on LXDE Forum which is all about Lubuntu.
Two Guides so far, nothing much but also not bad :)
Two feedback topics
and willing to do more.

I'm SO MUCH happy with what I'm doing and because I'm just a member of this
family, I'd like to share my happiness with ALL of you.

Again, no big plans at the moment.

I'm aware of the tags and prefix. I use that when I do my search. I'm doing
my best to reply Lubuntu Threads on UF as much as possible. I also see some
other people who are not in our team but interested in Lubuntu and they are
helping too.

*Bottom Line:
*All what I'm asking for is: Let's focus our work and be more organized and
that will be done via some teams or even one team.

For example: It's 4am in my time and 3 threads are pending. I could send a
message to someone in the team who is online and he/she can pop up and help.

Phill, I'll definitely follow your instructions and advice and that's why
I'll log off now and go to eat :D

Thank you so much for everything ... I'm so much happy here and I'll be
around for a very long time hopefully :)

Who would give you hard time except me? :P

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 4:03 AM, Phill Whiteside <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi my young friend,
> the system we have on the main ubuntu was granted to us (the tags) long,
> long before we became official. I'm not too sure what you have in mind but I
> prefer to use the main forum area with the ability to add and search tags as
> per https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation#How_to_help Lubuntu
> had some good friends even back then, we asked people to allow Lubuntu to
> avoid the 'chicken and egg' syndrome. I know and I'm sure the others do, we
> were shown every courtesy and assistance. Things that should only be done
> for 'official' variants were done for Lubuntu.
> I'll give you the instruction one of my trainers gave me. Do NOT burn out,
> you are no use to us if you burn out and leave. Rome was not built in a day
> & Lubuntu has done very well from starting at about 9.04 to full acceptance
> at 11.10.
> Take your time, but do ensure you eat and sleep!
> Phill.
> On Sun, Oct 16, 2011 at 11:44 PM, Ali Linx <amjjawad@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> A friend and a mentor to me has advised me many times now to slow down and
>> take care but ... Linux is the cure for my issues so ... enough drama, let's
>> rock :)
>> One last email and I'm off. I did watch a movie for a change today though
>> :P
>> Guys and girls, long story short. I was and still very active on Ubuntu
>> Forum. Now, Lubuntu became Official (YES!) and I'm sure more new threads
>> whether on Ubuntu Forum OR LXDE Forum (where I'm a moderator there) will be
>> created. I'm very much able to handle all that but I do confess and admit
>> that I don't know anything yet. My request is simple.
>> I need some people who already have an account on Ubuntu Forum to team up
>> with me. I'm planning for something. I'll hold it for now. I need to know
>> who is IN. I don't mind to be alone on this but you guys are my family and I
>> hate to do things alone, I do love team work. I told that to 4 new friends
>> on IRC recently.
>> I'm on Google, and you have other links on my signature. Whatever way you
>> want to use to contact me, just do it.
>> I'll be waiting for your reply for a week. Take your time :)
>> Why is all that? it's because the more support users will find, the better
>> and the faster to fix any issue.
>> I love you all ... you simply ROCK!
>> OK OK, I'm leaving  ... :D
>> --
>> Best Regards,
>> *A.J
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Best Regards,

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