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samba support


Hi Julien,

it seems that there is a missing library for samba support, namely smbfs. As
I'm not sure where you want it reporting, I include the chat.

(00:47:48) wxl: does lubuntu inheriently lack smb support?
(00:48:11) wxl: oh nevermind figured it out
(00:48:11) *illusions left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving).*
(00:48:25) wxl: weird i can't use go > network shares but smb://server works
(00:52:26) phillw: samba should be automatic with pcmanfm
(00:54:02) phillw: network shares is a diffirent app. Please raise a bug
against it if it is not working. bugs not reported only ever get fixed by
chance :)
(00:54:19) wxl: :D
(00:55:31) phillw: in the past we had pyneighbourhood, but that wouldn't
"play' either, so pcman added it to pcmanfm to save grief :) (He's a darn
good guy).
(00:59:46) wxl: grrr
(01:00:00) wxl: pcmanfm can find the share but i'm having a hell of a time
mounting it
(01:00:42) phillw: wxl: is it password protected?
(01:00:48) wxl: nope
(01:01:10) wxl: ntfs share i should say
(01:01:42) phillw: wxl: I've got to be honest, I'm not familiar. The only
samba stuff I know of is for windoze.
(01:02:06) phillw: ntfs = windoze :)
(01:02:10) wxl: riiight
(01:02:45) phillw: wxl: been too long since I use windows :).... Is it an
area you would like automounting?
(01:03:00) wxl: naw
(01:04:36) KM0201: wxl: should work fine.. i use samba quite a bit (even w/o
windows machines) cuz its just so easy.... just open pcman
(01:04:46) wxl: KM0201: what about in cli?
(01:04:51) phillw: pcmanfm 'should' be able to see it. As not too many of us
have drives that need samba, I'm at a loss as to who to suggest can help. I
know how to alter the fstab to automount.
(01:05:01) phillw: thanks KM0201 :)
(01:05:05) KM0201: um, i've never tried to mount one from cli, but it
shouldn't be to difficult i dont think
(01:05:34) phillw: use the same ops as for fstab table?
(01:05:51) KM0201: so he's trying to automount a samba share?
(01:06:11) wxl: no automount
(01:06:13) KM0201: i thought he was just trying to mount it it.
(01:06:31) wxl: weird
(01:06:35) wxl: i don't have smbfs
(01:06:47) KM0201: sudo apt-get install samba
(01:07:06) KM0201: i dont think samba installs automatically
(01:07:17) KM0201: did you have an smb.conf?
(01:07:25) wxl: well i have no problem accessing in pcmanfm
(01:07:28) phillw: if it is ntfs, you may want the easy version of
(01:07:32) phillw: http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=96
(01:08:10) KM0201: ok.. so you have no problem accessing i pcmanfm.. so..
you want to automount a samba share? (thought you said earlier you didn't
wanted "no automount".. or am i confused)
(01:08:58) KM0201: wxl: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/SMB-HOWTO-8.html
(01:08:59) wxl: nope you're on it KM0201
(01:09:05) wxl: problem was smbfs was missing
(01:09:09) KM0201: ok.
(01:09:12) wxl: now mount -t cifs blah blah all good
(01:11:38) phillw: wxl: I'm guessing the library eats up RAM... therefore
not a default. I'll check with the boss.
(01:12:59) wxl: phillw: i'd be interested to know
(01:13:09) wxl: i could see the argument made that few use cli and it's not
(01:13:17) wxl: and that the hardcore user will figure it out and install
what they want
(01:22:44) phillw: wxl: does network share now work?
(01:22:56) wxl: no problem phillw
(01:22:56) *philipballew [~philipbal@ubuntu/member/philipballew] entered the
(01:23:35) phillw: then, for network share to function, it needs smbfs -
that is a bug :)




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