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Roadmap for 12.04


The more I see of Lubuntu the more I like it.  There are a couple of things
that might make things easier for prospective adopters.

1.  Gnome 2 and xubuntu allow a user to create a launcher anywhere on the
desktop without having to build a .desktop file.  Gnome 3 dropped this
feature and its a pain.  Now, if your going to attract windows users most
everyone's desktop I see is littered with folders and icons.
So, my desire would be to adopt the xubuntu solution that allows for a
right-click on the desk to open a launcher constructor.

2.  Searching for files and file content is a big issue for lots of windows
users.  I needed to install the gnome-search-tool to do this.  An easier

I know that themes are a very subjective area.  For me personally, I thought
the 11.04 default theme was a big winner.  The blue panel with white text
was sharp (IMO) along with the box headers. I am not so impressed with the
standards 11.10 theme.  So, when you change the theme form one release to
the other can you include the prior theme for people who don't like the new


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