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Re: Lubuntu - One Stop Thread


> On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 8:16 AM, James Gifford <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> Not to sound like I'm pushing or anything, but in regards to that 4.2K
>> posts thread, most of them useless but some of them useful, this is
>> where the Ask Ubuntu format is good, since the accepted answer (in
>> otherwords, the one that is most helpful) will *always* be on top.
>> Just a thought, but the mythbuntu team is migrating from the forums to
>> AU over the next several weeks, no reason why Lubuntu couldn't migrate
>> over as well.
>> Cheers,
>> James Gifford

My personal preference is to use each segment to the best of it's
ability. The help.u.c/community wiki is useful for howto guides useful
to large audiences, the forums are good for one on one assistance, the
mailing list usually gets help reasonably quickly, IRC is instant and
AU has it's own little place.

We have so many ways to contribute information to the general public,
I think as long as we choose the best option for the type of
information we're trying to request or present then it doesn't really
matter *where* it is.


Jared Norris JP(Qual) BBehSc(Psych)

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