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archived iso images


Sorry for the group email,

iWeb, where I used to host our ISO images got sold, the new people decided
they did not want the iso's on there and deleted them all.

They have 5 days to restore them, and then we have 2 days after that to
retrieve any that we want to keep (such as spares of the 10.04.1 etc).

I've also got to got backup all other areas as I am not happy with them
going against their promise. As we are now adopted, it matters little. it
was the principal that mattered. So, if there are any iso's during
development that any would like to keep a hold of, now is a good time to
shout :)

I could really do without this... they reckoned that the iso's "may contain
personal information" .... biggest cop out I've ever heard of a new company
not wanting us to use disk space. Well, they have lost 2 X $7 / month for
hosting as I have only used them as a temp area for two systems. To say
that I am less than pleased would be not how I feel.

So, can you let us know which, if any, ISO's you'd like pulling off. For
me, I have insisted that they restore every single alpha and beta along
with our RC's. that should could keep those idiots busy for a while :D

I will update when I have gotten the new server area up and running. I am
getting a temporary one like the 2G one at http://www.kimsufi.co.uk/ until
next March when theSII / wintermute needs a bit of beast, when it will go
to the 24G one. Yeah, this was supposed to be a gradual change. both
systems will be running http://www.scientificlinux.org/ so I can run
virtual machines and storage for not just Lubuntu, but for all the other
people and teams I try to help on.


P.S. Thankfully, having your whole bottom set of teeth redrilled, with
implants is a once in life time experience... But I do not need glue to
hold them in :P