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web mockup #1


Here it os, the first mockup, using the Ubuntu drupal theme, but blue
"tuned". Of course, texts, images and links are fake. Just for imagining
how it would look. I'll make another one without any Canonical influence,
some kind KDE did, and more user friendly, direct to people, and less


But the goals of these webs (now mockups) will be:

   - very visible download button
   - easy navigation menu
   - front exposure of the product (a PC with Lubuntu installed and working)
   - a few sub-articles (in this case product features)
   - the #2 article should be the last blog post
   - the #3 article should be the last forum post (and no more than 3)
   What do you think? ...working on the #2!

    <http://lubuntublog.blogspot.com/> <http://www.lubuntu.net/>

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PNG image

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