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Re: How To Access PCs on Local Network


On 11/24/2011 07:15 PM, Jonathan Marsden wrote:
> On 11/24/2011 12:47 PM, ∅ wrote:
>> Actually I have a question about this. Does this mean, then, that
>> gvfs can do sshfs?
> Yes, it can, as an intentional side-effect of using GVFS.
>> If so, wow. DIdn't know that! I've been doing it manually for
>> forever.
> I tend to do many network-related tasks "the hard way" too :)
Actually I tend to do a LOT that way. I can live pretty happily in CLI.
> I have not tried them all with pcmanfm, but gvfs can use other schemas
> such as http://, ftp://, dav://, obex:// (for doing fun things like
> accessing files on your cellphone over bluetooth), gphoto2:// (access to
> connected digital cameras), and cdda:// (access to audio CDs)... I do
> not yet know how many of those work by default in Lubuntu and pcmanfm
> via gvfs-backends.  Based on gvfs-backends documentation, I *think* it
> should handle all of afc, archive, cdda, dav, dnssd, ftp, gphoto2, http,
> network, obexftp, sftp, smb and smb-browse, at minimum.
Wow, that is killer! I really didn't understand what was going on under
the hood when I first was exposed to Nautilus way back when but I was
impressed with its flexibility. That we have this same core I think
would be important in my opinion. If the LXDE wiki is to be believed [1]
then "full" support is given. Searching packages for every package
related to gvfs, it seems that every relevant package is installed (for
Oneiric that is) so we should be golden.
> A way to have pcmanfm display all the available schemas that it knows
> how to use could be useful.  Maybe in the network:/// screen it could
> show an icon for each one?  But part of the issue there is that not all
> protocols include a browse mechanism to locate all local servers using a
> given protocol, so displaying a list of servers when you click on a
> particular protocol may not be practical (you'd have to port scan your
> network to generate a list, which is obviously not a good idea!).
There is a network drives icon in the menu and there is the network:///
screen (same thing) even though there may not be a network. Knowing the
option is there is the important thing.
> At minimum, pcmanfm could include a Help database or User Guide that
> includes some basic information on each schema and what it is for, and
> examples of how to use it.  Right now in pcmanfm, the only thing under
> Help is About, which is... not really all that helpful :)
That would help, too. I guess someone needs to sit down with all the
schemas and put some documentation together and give it over to PCMan.
I'd be happy to help if need be.


[1] http://wiki.lxde.org/en/PCManFM#Features