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Integrate obkey (or the like)?


There is a small, fast, simple keybinding utility for Lubuntu available:


I wonder what the thinking might be on whether it (or something like
it) should get bundled into a Lubuntu base install?

With Lubuntu's new and growing popularity (I'm among the recent,
grateful converts), it seems reasonable to think of small enhancements
that will make the migration a little easier. There has been a fair
bit of call in the Ubuntu forums for some simple GUI means of editing
the applications menu, for example.

Making assignments to keys is another one of those tasks that is
easily done in other OS's, but non-trivial in Lubuntu. With obkey,
there is already a solution to hand. It needs some documentation, but
that is more easily done than the coding!

Any reactions/responses welcome (even if to tell this new but
enthusiastic use that there is a better place to raise this sort of

Best wishes from a very wet and windy Scotland,

David [djreimer | dajare]
David Reimer | Edinburgh, UK
http://wiki.ubuntu.com/djreimer | https://launchpad.net/~djreimer

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