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Web site rendering - images need width+height


I just checked the Lubuntu.net web site over a slow connection and it
could use some minor tweaking to improve how it renders.  Specifically
all the image elements (IMG) that it loads ought to have valid width and
height attributes set in order to make the page load smoothly.

Without width and height, the page gets re-rendered each time an image
or icon completes loading.  Because the pages have a lot of icons, this
means that they spend a lot of time jumping around again and again until
they settle into the final layout.  On a slow connection this can be a
disturbingly long time and it's not possible to read the page until it
is finished.  Adding valid width and height attributes would fix that.

Even for those with fast connections, having valid width and height
attributes for all image (IMG) elements would make the page appear to
load faster.

Should this get a bug report or is it enough to write here?


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