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Re: Recruiting Testers (Was: Re: A New Team Leader for Lubuntu QA)


Am 13.11.2013 23:13, schrieb Ali Linx (amjjawad):
> On Wed, Nov 6, 2013 at 1:51 PM, Jörn Schönyan <joern.schoenyan@xxxxxx
> <mailto:joern.schoenyan@xxxxxx>> wrote:
>     I already asked in the forums, but if someone really hears the
>     call for testing, it is no problem for me that I hold my hand over
>     and talk to them until this questions are cleared.
>     Jörn
> Hello Jorn,
> WOW, time flies and moving crazily fast. 8 days already???!!! feels
> like 8 hours :)
Hello Ali and the other people here! Nearly I forgot this mail, there is
a lot of trouble here.
> Any update regarding recruiting New Testers from Germany?
> I believe it is good to go now although I/We have NOT yet heard any
> word neither from Julien (is he still alive by the way?) regarding the
> future of Lubuntu QA Sub-Team nor from anyone who might be interested
> to lead this team and help either as QA Team Leader or Release Manager
> but I believe, as my mentor and good friend Phill said, we can always
> go ahead and recruit new testers at the same time we do other things
> which it seems taking longer than expected :)
Well, I have someone who is interested in testing. We will see if he
will help us, he did not join the Lubuntu-QA-Team yet.
> Odd enough, I have posted on Facebook and Google+ asking for more
> Testers and other contributions but no one yet has shown any interest
> which is a bit weird :)
> I can re-do that posting and be 'more' specific. I mean, I can ask
> directly and specifically that we need 'more new' testers :)
The people from the german Ubuntu forum "ubuntuusers.de" asked me to
make a small article about Lubuntu, they want to know what we do here
and how it feels. Additionally, an overview over Lubuntu and it's
history would be nice. If anybody wants to help, I would be quite
confident :-)
> But IMHO, someone must be there to answer their Qs and I am not quite
> sure, if truth to be told, that Lubuntu QA Team is really ready to
> answer Qs at the moment :)
That is really a problem because some positions are not yet staffed.
> So, shall I ask on the Social Media for more testers? or shall I wait? :)
Should be fine, the work has to be done. The earlier, the better, I think.
> Thank you!
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