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Some PPC bugs: Sound, shortcut keys


Hi everyone,

I've been doing ISO testing in Xubuntu and Ubuntu for a few cycles,
but this is my first time testing Lubuntu and PPC so I'm still
learning my way around the package sets when it comes to bug

I'm using my PowerBook G4, hardinfo output here:

I submitted one bug during my install against lubuntu-desktop but I'm
not sure if that was the correct place to report it:


(And as luck would have it, the next time I rebooted the bug was gone
and my touchpad worked fine)

I have a couple others as well, but I don't want to keep reporting in
the wrong place and I haven't had great luck searching for these, so
pointers on the following would be great.

1. No sound upon initial install:

Following tips on the wiki, I have to:

Edit /etc/modules to remove snd_powerbook and add snd_aoa_i2sbus

And delete (or comment out) snd_aoa entries in:

Then reboot and open up `alsamixer` to adjust the sound (unmute
headphones and turn up PCM).

2. Shortcut keys and keyboard backlight don't work

Keys that control screen brightness, sound, etc aren't working, but
this is easily fixed by loading the "i2c-dev" module (and adding it to
/etc/modules so it works next time I boot up).


Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph || Lyz || pleia2

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