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bug with guest seisson, lxrandr testcase and misplaced artwork bug.


When logging into the guest seeisson on Trusty i386 There is a message
there is not a seisson for a pid in this bug.


I think this is a problem mainly if you want to convery other users to
lubuntu and don't have a livecd or usb around you may end up putting them
into a guest seisson on your computer and you don't really want the first
thing they see to be an error message.

The next is a bug with the lxrandr testcase which is different because I
think the button for show same picture on both monitors is gone and you no
longer need to press it. Lxrandr seems to work for its intended purpose.

The last is a small layout bug with a small problem when hitting the super
(windows) key plus left or right on keyboard leaves a gap between the
window and panel. I think lubuntu defualt settings might be a place where
it gets more attention than lubuntu artwork though. There is a workaround
in the comments in changing ~/.config/openbox/ but maybe just a small edit
to the config file before isntall would be nice.