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Re: PPC: Alternate Install Black Screen


Never mind, I found out how to append the yaboot file via the terminal on the PPC FAQ. However, somehow the entire hard drive got corrupted and it took out my 13.10 partition, so I'll be reinstalling that first. Filing a bug will have to wait.


On Mar 6, 2014, at 10:53 AM, keith@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I tried to install Trusty using the PPC Alternate 20140225 yesterday. This was on actual hardware. I used the "guided install" and let the installer choose the size of the partition. It split the drive into two equal size partitions of around 58GB each. Lubuntu 13.10 was already installed on the hard drive.

The installation appeared to go as normal until the reboot. The reboot resulted in a black screen with only the pointer. The pointer could be moved about, but that was it. I was able to Control-Option- F5 into a console, and log in.

At that point I rebooted the computer via the console, and interrupted the boot process by pressing TAB at the boot: prompt. Then I entered the old standby boot parameter for my radeon card, "Linux video=radeonfb:1920x1080-32@60". The computer booted normally and I was presented with the desktop. However, upon reboot, the boot parameter is not being written to yaboot.conf., so it's back to the black screen.

I seem to remember this bug showing up in Saucy. The fix was to append the boot parameter in yaboot.conf. In 13.10, I would do that by "opening the folder as root" and then appending the boot parameter to yaboot.conf and saving. However, this command seems to be taken out of the Trusty menu.

The bug seems similar to Bug#1195386. Should I report it as that, or file a new bug?



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